January-24-2021 January-24-2021



Daniela Astone

Oil on panel

6" x 8" (15cm x 20cm)


365 Sunrises from October 8, 2020 to October 7, 2021 

Sunrises began on the eve of the second lockdown in Italy. From a desire to escape a daily routine and find my own stimulus, not from without but from within, I sought to perceive the world anew.

The day was born differently with each sitting.

The ritual, getting up before dawn to honor life, was tiring, but it also awakened in me a new curiosity. I put question marks where, until that moment, there were only statements.

After a year in the absence of social life, I rediscovered the power of imagination. Scholars believe that the first cave paintings were a tool to facilitate the hunt, for people to imagine and realize pathways for success.

Every change, every challenge, begins with imagining how it may pass, how the new day may dawn.

-Daniela Astone, Florence, 2021