Plein Air

Plein Air Painting exhibition sugarlift

Thursday, October 22nd

6:00 - 8:00 PM

508 W 28th Street


Preview Exhibition Artwork


Plein Air, an art exhibition mounted by Sugarlift, brings together artists following in the footsteps of Monet and Sargent to highlight the joy of painting and being outside. Created on a portable easel in open air, the genre’s immediacy captures the feeling and fleeting beauty of a day spent outdoors.


Our artists submitted work that was painted entirely en plein air with minimal to no finishing in the studio. As the weather turns cold, we’re reconnecting people and nature with jewel-like paintings that they can appreciate year-round.


Join us on Thursday, October 22nd at 508 W 28th Street for our opening reception and live musical performance by Met Orchestra musicians. Sugarlift will also be unveiling a new gallery display wall to highlight paintings by our accomplished domestic and international artists that couldn’t be with us in person.


Special thanks to our partner High Line Nine.