Call Me When You Get This

Call Me When You Get This

An exhibition and artist panel featuring the bold, non-referential paintings of Esteban Ocampo-Giraldo, Danica Lundy and Jacob Brooks.

Imagine that you're sitting in front of a blank canvas with a palette and brush in hand, waiting for inspiration to strike (the artist’s open Word doc and maddening, blinking cursor). With no photograph, no bowl of fruit, without even a specific image in your mind as reference, you begin to paint. Memories and dreams, exaggerated with each remembrance, take shape in vivid, nostalgic forms. This is Danica Lundy, Esteban Ocampo-Giraldo and Jacob Brooks' approach to painting. It's brush, artist and canvas in its purest form, and the show was not to be missed.

Thanks to everyone who packed the house at our exhibition on the Bowery, and special thanks to our sponsor, Ozymandias Wines.


Artists and Sugarlift team!

Ozymandias bottles featuring the work of NYAA student Jay Miriam

Photos by Paul-Emile Cendron