BLM Art Benefit

BLM Art Benefit


Hurt, horrified, heartbroken...adjectives that don't even begin to encapsulate the pain not only of the past few turbulent weeks following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, but of the many years of unjust racism and police brutality in our country against our black fellows. 

We stand with the black community and against racism in all of its manifestations - small and individual, global and systemic. We are not perfect and we acknowledge that our artist community is not as diverse as we should be. We also believe in enacting change, not just posting about it.

In addition to examining and recommitting to the diversity of our artists, curators and other partners, we are launching a benefit initiative to put our full resources and marketing power behind the artists leading the charge for social change. 

Step one: Sugarlift's Black Lives Matter Benefit. This is an ongoing art exhibition in which artists can donate up to 100% of the sales of their work to a social-justice cause that's important to them. They choose the amount and the organization, the rest goes to the artist as part of Sugarlift's 100% #allforartists pledge in 2020.

We unwaveringly believe in art's power to change the world. Let's get to work.

Cover painting by Michelle Doll. 
Love painting by Tiffany Bozic
Love by Tiffany Bozic

Katarra Painting by Garret Cook
Katarra by Garrett Cook

The Right Seeker paper piece by Maude White
The Rightseeker by Maude White

Sign of the Times by Valeri Larko
Sign of the Times by Valeri Larko

Home painting by Melanie Vote
Home by Melanie Vote

Mad Mistakes drawing by Christopher Herrera
Mad Mistakes by Christopher Herrera

Brooklyn Door painting by Daniel Loveridge
Brooklyn Door by Daniel Loveridge