Artist-In-Residence Fall 2020: Annesta Le

Artist-In-Residence Fall 2020: Annesta Le

Sugarlift x High Line Nine Artist Residency
Annesta Le: Fall 2020
508 W 28th Street
New York, NY

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Annesta Le, Neon & Mixed-Media Artist

Themes of self, alchemy, shadow, and individuation appear in Annesta Le's illuminated neon sculptures and painted and drawn works on paper. She approaches the glass medium in the form of painterly brushstrokes resulting in abstract lines and shapes, each delicate glass tube heated over a ribbon burner flame. The hand molded curves are extensions of her limbs and thoughts. Whether sculpting, painting or drawing, each work is an open-ended, improvisational path to its final composition—a work reflecting her own internal image.

 Annesta Le is a Vietnamese-American multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. She presented her first solo show in 2014 at Parenthesis Art Space in Brooklyn and has exhibited at a number of other galleries in New York. Le has also shown at Museo Internazionale Italia Arte in Turin, Italy, the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, Illinois, and was a featured artist on BRIC TV, Le was also recently awarded the Peter S. Reed Foundation grant for 2017.


About the Residency:

Conceived as a way to enliven and transform the High Line Nine's premier Chelsea gallery spaces during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the High Line Nine x Sugarlift Artist Residency has become a neighborhood staple and destination in the city's art world epicenter.