"Cut & Paste" Opening

"Cut & Paste" Opening

Last weekend, we celebrated the launch of our newest collection, Volume 002 (Cut & Paste), with an opening at the gallery in Bushwick. Many thanks to Arrogant Swine, Hops & Hocks and Brooklyn Winery for providing food and drinks for the event, and credit to Ethan Covey for the photographs!  

Enjoy these photos of the event, and continue to our online gallery to become a collector.


Left: The Queen Is Sleeping by Morgan Lappin. Right: Optimistic About Impact by Michael DeSutter.

Left: Maybe someday. Maybe tomorrow. by Jay Riggio. Center: L'ete est pour les amateurs by Lizzie Gill. Right: Values by Daniel Greer. 

Left: Eleven (Open Chats) by Lizzie Gill; Biancabella by Kieran Madden. Right: Breathe, Truth and Sense V by Elise Margolis. 

Jetsemblage II, Jetsemblage I and Jetsemblage III by Jon Legere. 


Light Reading and Crown Jewels by Lizzie Gill.  

From left to right: when i'm done by Linzi Silverman; Medusa (Theme I, blue) by Richard Vergez; The Last Ride by Kieran Madden; Delicacy by Daniel Greer. 

We are grateful to all the friends, family, artists, collectors and fans who came out to the gallery for the "Cut & Paste" opening, as well as those who followed along through our website, newsletter and social media. 

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Express Service by Daniel Greer.