Know Your ABCs: Art, Beer & Cheese

Know Your ABCs: Art, Beer & Cheese

Last night, we paired Sugarlift art with our favorite beers and cheeses from Hops & Hocks at the gallery in Bushwick! A group of artists, collectors and friends came together to celebrate good food and drink while enjoying a preview of the next Sugarlift collection, Volume 002 (Cut & Paste). Blake Jordan, from Hops & Hocks, and expert cheesemonger Pamela Brewer curated the table for the night: four courses of perfectly paired beer and cheese, along with new collages from Sugarlift's collection, chosen by our own Wright Harvey and Lizzie Gill, an artist and co-founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective.

Below are some photos of the event, thanks to Ethan Covey, plus a list of the art, beer and cheeses on the menu for the night.

Thanks to all who came out! We've listed the menu from the event, to make everyone who couldn't come jealous. Can't wait for round two sometime in the future! 

Warm-up: PBR

Pairing 1
Beer: Thirsty Dog Saison
Cheeses: Cremont - Goat/Cow, Vermont & Abbaye de Belloc - Raw Sheep, France
Art: Lizzie Gill's "Coca-cola Standard"

Pairing 2
Beer: Single Cut IPA "Mo' Shugie"
Cheeses: Cabot Clothbound Cheddar - Cow, Vermont & Piave - Cow, Italy
Art: Kieran Madden's "The Last Ride"

Pairing 3
Beer: Greenpoint Beer "Snuggles"
Cheeses: 5-yr Aged Gouda - Cow, Holland & Challerhocker - Raw Cow, Switzerland
Art: Jay Riggio's "Infinite Thoughts of Laura"

Pairing 4
Beer: Green Hill Stout
Cheeses: Stinking Bishop - Cow, England & Bayley Hazen Blue - Raw Cow, Vermont
Art: Morgan Lappin's "The Queen is Sleeping"

Bonus round
White IPA
Nine Pin Cider