Three Gallery Picks for This Weekend

Three Gallery Picks for This Weekend

Across New York City from Chelsea to the Upper East Side, there are plenty of gallery shows open this month that are visually striking, mentally challenging, and nostalgically playful. We selected three of our favorites that illustrate a slice of the diverse artistic perspectives currently on display right outside our doors. 


Bouabré, Sugarlift, Burning in Water, Anna Hygelund


Susan Meiselas @ Higher Pictures - thru 6/17

Susan Meiselas, Sugarlift, Photography, New York City

Higher Pictures presents a show of Susan Meiselas's iconic photographs of young Italian girls taken on Prince street in Little Italy in the late 1970s. Having spontaneously forged a friendly rapport with the young girls in this neighborhood, Meiselas was able to capture lively moments from their lives on film over the course of three years. These engaging photos display clearly how the times were so different and yet so remarkably similar to those of today.


Bouabré & Clottey @ Burning in Water - thru 6/17

Clottey, Sugarlift, New York City, Art, Burning in Water

Pairing the work of two African artists born decades apart may not be a recipe for guaranteed success. In this case, however, it makes sense both aesthetically and also because it facilitates a dialogue about art on the Ivory Coast that extends across both artists' lifespans. In an interview with the gallery owner, writer Antwaun Sargent comments that the show provides a glimpse into the sociopolitical setting for African artists. This is a show that will teach you a lot, and one we think certainly not to miss. 


Leo Villareal @ Pace - thru 6/17Pace, Leo Villareal, Gallery, Sugarlift, Installation, LED Lights

Leo Villareal, an artist known for his LED light artworks to which he adds software and code to create movement, is exhibiting for the fist time with Pace Gallery.  This large scale installation exceeds the artist's goal of creating an otherwordly experience for the viewer, and it doubles as the most instagrammable gallery show currently on view in NYC. Having recently participated in a number of public artworks as well, Villareal is on the rise, and we can not wait to see what he does next.