Catching Up With:
Dina Brodsky

Catching Up With: <br />Dina Brodsky

The lovely Dina Brodsky joins us this week and gives us some insight into the magic behind her work and her collective to #drawanyway. The artist continues to wow the world and her 150k Instagram following with her art, while also managing to raise her eight month old son, Mark. Dina's adventurous spirit and joie de vivre is palpable in her art and energy, clearly evident pictured above in one of her many camping expeditions foraging for wild mushrooms. Explore our interview with Dina and join her for some sketching this Saturday from 10:00am to 12:30pm at Draw the High Line.



ON THE CLOCK Trying to balance taking care of a baby with drawing

YOUR ART WEEKEND Take my sketchbook and draw outside for as long as life allows it

ALBUM Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan

FILM Blue Valentine was the last one I saw that stuck with me

ARTIST Van Eyck brothers


Secret Life of Trees: tree 23, tree 28.

BOOK "Sometimes a Great Notion" by Ken Kesey 

EATS Coffee, in gigantic quantities

LATEST PURCHASE Ballpoint pens from Staples

GUILTY PLEASURE Fancy drawing paper from New York Central Art Supply. Also, re-reading the Game of Thrones for what must be the tenth time


36 HOURS Bike, camp and draw

You and your sister are both artists. When and how did you discover your ability to draw?

My sister has been painting and drawing ever since I can remember. I started much later, my first semester at university, and I didn’t discover an ability as much as a passion for doing it. My ability to draw was nonexistent, but I discovered an enormous desire to draw, and with it the discipline necessary to acquire the ability I needed to do it.

Of all the places you've brought your sketchbook, which would you say is the most sentimental?

Probably Barcelona. I was there three times with a sketchbook, at very different and transformative times of life. The drawings I made there remind me of those transformative moments.

Secret Life of Trees: tree 12, tree 13 

What is #drawanyway?

It’s a hashtag that independently morphed from #paintanyway. Paint Anyway is the art movement that some of my artist friends and I formed a few years ago, in order to pool our resources and make the kind of art world that we would want to live in. We started using the hashtags #drawanyway and #paintanyway as an easy way to keep track of what everyone in the group was doing, but soon other people started using them too, and they acquired a life force of their own.