Catching Up With: Matthew Johnson

Catching Up With: Matthew Johnson


We are thrilled to welcome a new artist to Sugarlift and to get a glimpse into the intricacies of his life and work! Photographer Matthew Johnson let us in on his love affair with New York, detailing how he ventures around the city to capture the "quiet, timeless moments in the midst of bustle." He offers us a visual narrative of his New York, complete with nostalgic beauty. Learn how Matthew uncovers the more subdued moments and exquisite glimmers of magic in the city, and be sure to check out his newest collection, here!



LIVES & WORKS IN  Brooklyn, NY

OCCUPATION Photographer, Writer

YOUR ART WEEKEND Weekends and weekdays seem to blur together these days, but if it's a leisurely artful experience, it's exploring a seldomly-frequented area of New York with a 35mm camera, hoping to stumble across my next favorite capture.



ALBUM I put some hard work into my Spotify playlists, but if I'm gonna listen to an album straight thru right now, it's either the new James Blake, or the new Aesop Rock.

FILM I love New York, and I'm a big fan of Tom Hardy, so The Drop plays directly to my predilections. 

ARTIST Changes often, but Vivian Maier, Elliott Erwin and Fan Ho are safe bets.

BOOK Brewster by Mark Slouka, City of Thieves by David Benioff, and maybe the only author I've read every book of is Chuck Klosterman.



EATS Recency bias, maybe, but I just had a fantastic meal at Roman's in Fort Greene. Otherwise I often find myself at Smith and Mills or The Greek in TriBeCa, or ordering in from Silver Rice, when I lived in Crown Heights.

LATEST PURCHASE As I just moved, my wife and I purchased a mattress we are thrilled about from Keetsa. Took a while to realize how worthwhile it is to invest in what you sleep on.

GRADE IN ART CLASS The last time I took an art class, I can't imagine I cared about what art really is. But I was an okay student. Let's say B+.



Why black and white for this series? When I'm composing a photograph, I concentrate a lot on shadows and highlights, and black and white lends itself better to those elements. Separately, I'm fascinated by the timeless feel of NY as a city, and black and white imagery seems to lend itself better to that quality.

Favorite city to visit and photograph in? If it's not NY (it is New York), it's Istanbul, or basically anywhere in Japan.