Catching Up With:
Robert von Bangert

Catching Up With: <br/>Robert von Bangert

Robert von Bangert is an Ohio-based painter whose work evokes early 20th century modern painting in a fresh, contemporary way.  We caught up with him to hear about what drawings give him instant inspiration, the only music he's allowed to listen to, and what he needs to do to get some Whole Foods produce. 

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LIVES & WORKS IN  Athens, OH. Athens is a unique place as it is a college town in Appalachia isolated from everything with a population of 10,000 permanent residents and 20,000 students. Yet Obama and Hillary have both come to Athens. We are an hour and fifteen minutes from the nearest Whole Foods. 


ON THE CLOCK  We normally get up around 8am. I cut up fruit for our cereal while my wife, Mageda, and four-year-old daughter, Miri, bathe. After breakfast I go to my studio and try to start working. Some days are awesome and some days it is just hard to get inspired. 

YOUR ART WEEKEND  Generally don't have art weekends anymore. I miss going to the High Museum on the weekends, which we did when we lived in Atlanta. If we are going to make the effort to drive to Columbus, which is the nearest big city, we usually want to go shopping and to Whole Foods. 


ALBUM  Our daughter is obsessed with Bob Dylan, so that's all we are allowed to listen to. Would listen to live Wilco recordings if we could. I never listen to music while I am working as it is distracting. 

FILM  The Squid and the Whale

ARTIST  Whenever I need inspiration I can look at a Bill Traylor drawing and it gets me going. 

BOOK  Kitchen Confidential  

EATS  We have a great farmers' market, and my wife is very health conscious, and, until recently, a vegan. So that thankfully informs how we eat. We have a local hippie Mexican restaurant named Casa Nueva that uses local and organic ingredients. If I could eat that every night, I would.                                                                        



GRADE IN ART CLASS  Depends on the class. I did better in sculpture than I did in painting. 

36 HOURS  Well if the world was not in such a crazy state, I would definitely go back to Paris with my family and do all the things my wife and I did not do the first time. Pompidou was mostly closed for renovation except a Kandinsky retrospective.

What made you decide to move from New York City to Athens, OH? How has your work evolved since the relocation? 

Well, my wife is from Athens. She has a degree in photography from Ohio University in Athens. We met in Atlanta while working at a professional photo lab. We moved to Athens in 2006. As Athens is pretty isolated, there's not a whole lot to do outside the university, so it forced me to make art full time. It turns out moving to Athens was the best thing for me.