Catching Up With:
Kiki Slaughter

Catching Up With: <br/>Kiki Slaughter

Atlanta-based Kiki Slaughter creates large-scale abstract canvases by exploring the fundamentals of painting: pouring paint, scraping it and layering it. Learn about her routine, balancing her painting with motherhood and about her latest purchase, a very specific mushroom-based superfood.

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ON THE CLOCK  My day is a balancing act of kids and work. Every day is a little different but I'm usually at the studio in the morning and on Mom duty in the afternoons.

YOUR ART WEEKEND My favorite art-related weekend activity is a family trip to my studio at The Goat Farm. True to its name, there are actually goats, chickens etc. on the property. My kids love it! Then I convince my husband to watch them while I steal a couple extra hours painting.

ALBUM My sister has the best taste in music, so I really just listen to whatever she sends me. I love music but never know the names of anything!

FILM  The first thing that pops into my head is Love Actually

ARTIST  To name a few ... Pollock, De-Kooning, Rothko - I love Abstract Expressionism! Also Matisse, Cy Twombly and Basquiat.

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BOOK I read a lot but my favorite books are probably artist coffee table books because they are both pretty and inspiring to have around. For the kids, I recently found an artsy take on the book "Where's Waldo" called "Where's Warhol". It's so fun!

EATS  Thai is usually my favorite, but I am currently obsessed with the Indian street food at Chai Pani here in Atlanta.

LATEST PURCHASE  Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix. They make superfood coffee out of mushrooms. It sounds weird, but it tastes just like coffee and I will try anything that claims to increase productivity!

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36 HOURS  A beautiful beach or the country - I like wide open spaces.

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When did you realize that you wanted to be a painter and where do you find inspiration?

I have been painting since before I can remember. It has just always been a part of me. My parents recognized my love for art at a young age and found me an amazing teacher and mentor, Karen Shea, who introduced me to all different styles and mediums and encouraged me to focus on my passion for art. I grew up painting and just never stopped! My method is my muse. I am inspired by the very act of painting and the materials that I use - composing layers of color and texture until they become a work of art. Sometimes my work will also echo my surroundings - I soak up the colors, compositions and feel of the places I have lived and visited and transfer them onto canvas. I am also inspired by textiles and as a result my work has expanded to cover jewelry, wallpaper and more.

kiki slaughter sugarlift

Sometimes we New Yorkers can get a little NY-centric, but we can’t help notice a lot of amazing art coming from Atlanta. Tell us about the emerging Atlanta arts scene!

Yes - there are a ton of awesome and talented artists down here! I'm not from here, so may not have the right answer. But, it seems like Atlanta in general is attracting creative people and industries, especially film. As a result, the city keeps growing in a cool way and its areas are gaining even more character.