Armory Week Roundup 2017

Armory Week Roundup 2017

That’s a wrap! Another Armory Week in the books. There was a whole lot of art to see in New York in the last several days. In case you didn’t see it all (how could anyone?!) here’s a roundup of highlights, as seen by Sugarlift’s team.

Tahiti Pehrson's hanging works @ Art on Paper - 17' high each!  


How can you resist a miniature Snoopy alongside miniature Matisse dancers?! Created by Andrés Eidelstein, Presented by KARMA @ Independent.


Sugarlift artist Hiba Schahbaz exhibited at SPRING/BREAK Art Show. Any art fair that brings you Hiba followed by the Museum of Who Let The Dogs Out (yes, as in Baha Men), is cool by us. Museum of Who Let the Dogs Out was curated by Jac Lahav.

Check out Hiba's work on Sugarlift here!


A contemporary take on trompe-l’oeil at SPRING/BREAK Art Show by Noah Scalin. Now you see a pile of rags, now you see a portrait made of cloth. How cool!


It was a cold and windy walk to get to the fairs on the far west side, but Richard Tinkler’s warm rainbow painters at NADA warmed us right up!


Can’t go wrong with classic Sol LeWitt in a classic grid hanging display. Exhibited by Alan Cristea Gallery at The Armory Show.


Deep breath! After so much new art to absorb, it was nice to see some minimalist favorites, Agnes Martin and Carl Andre, at The Art Show by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA).


No, we didn’t put a filter on this photo. This is an all grey installation at Art on Paper made entirely of felt by Timothy Paul Myers.


We’d seen Ellsworth Kelly and Mark Rothko, but we hadn’t seen mini Ellsworth Kelly or mini Mark Rothko until this year’s NADA. Painted by Fuminao Suenaga and exhibited by Maki Fine Arts.

Those are a few things that we loved! What caught your eye?