Catching Up With:
Heather Amistad

Catching Up With:<br>Heather Amistad

We couldn't wait to catch up with Hawaii-born, Portland-based photographer Heather Amistad! Heather's work has been featured in Street Dreams Magazine and more, and there is something about her style that is SO fresh. Check it out for yourself, and learn more about Heather, in this week's Catching Up With interview! And if you take nothing else from reading this, please take this: you need to be following on Instagram. Need.

LIVES & WORKS IN  Portland, Oregon


YOUR ART WEEKEND   Every day is different

ALBUM   Songs to Break Up To -Ta-ku

ARTIST   Zaha Hadid and Jean-Michel Basquiat

FILM   Melancholia (cinematography is impeccable)

BOOK   The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

EATS  Korean BBQ

LATEST PURCHASE  rolls of Kodak Ektar 100 and Kodak Tri-X 400 film

GUILTY PLEASURE   dipping french fries in soft serve ice cream

GRADE IN ART CLASS   hopefully an A

36 HOURS   explore a new place


1. How would you describe your aesthetic?
My style is eclectic - I wouldn't place my work in a specific category. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums.

2. What is your favorite kind of day to go out and shoot? Favorite subject?
Working with natural light is my euphoria, so either on a day that is overcast or sunny. I love playing with harsh light and shadows. However, If I'm out shooting nature landscapes - fog is ideal! My favorite subject would be a tie between architecture and nature.

 3. What got you into photography in the first place? And how has your work changed since you started out?
Initially, I got into photography when I was much younger playing around with film cameras. I grew up in Hawaii (Oahu), so a lot of it were snapshots of the ocean or trekking through the tropical forests to a waterfall with friends. In college, I used photography to document my architectural drawings and models - also visiting places like art museums, cathedrals, and contemporary buildings. Now more recently I've been documenting my explorations through the Pacific Northwest - fog, forests, waterfalls, and snowy terrains. In addition, curating with local pacific northwest creatives such as fashion editorials and album art.