Your Art Weekend:
Chelsea Galleries

Your Art Weekend:<br>Chelsea Galleries

By Alex Allenchey

Completely understand if you’re feeling especially cooped up considering the past few weekends’ bouts of inclement weather, but with this Saturday seemingly taking a turn for the sunny, now is your chance to vent some of that art FOMO frustration. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite shows currently up in Chelsea, so go out to some galleries and get ready to be wowed.



Doug Wheeler at David Zwirner / 537 West 20th Street

David Zwirner’s no stranger to immersive light installations—remember the Dan Flavin exhibition last September?—but this show by Doug Wheeler might be their best yet. The “Light and Space” artist unites five of his rare “encasement” works, large acrylic panels outlined with neon bulbs, that emanate throughout the gallery, creating an otherworldly vibe that feels like you’re walking through clouds. The show’s already proved pretty popular, so you might have to idle in a little line, but trust us, it’s absolutely worth the wait.



Amy Sillman at Sikkema Jenkins / 530 West 22nd Street

If you’re unfamiliar with Amy Sillman’s work, get ready for a real treat, as her latest exhibition, “stuff change,” highlights a variety of methods present in the wonderful painter’s oeuvre. A wall of small works on paper provide a look at her formal experimentations, while new, larger paintings show off her spectacular use of color. There are also a few animated digital drawings on hand, which illuminate her form-finding process, plus “Panorama,” an amazing wall-to-wall display of person-sized canvases, in the back room.



Shara Hughes at Marlborough Chelsea / 534 West 25th Street

While you’ll have to skirt past the front desk and head upstairs into the interior of the gallery to see the latest show by the stellar Shara Hughes, once there you’ll be whisked away into the lush landscapes of the New York-based painter. Equal parts alien and whimsical, the works in “Trips I’ve Never Been On” reward a patient eye, and their incorporated borders lend an additional entryway for viewers. Sometimes you have to go inside to get outside.



Eddie Martinez at Mitchell-Innes & Nash / 534 West 26th Street

Good luck choosing a favorite piece from this show, as the paintings in “Salmon Eye” reveal an artist working at the height of his powers. In a mix of playful figuration and frenzied abstraction, Martinez marries multiple styles, resulting in an exhibition that hints at past art historical influences and simultaneously charges into future. If you are dying to take something home, the chartreuse-covered catalog makes for an excellent memento.




Now that over a dozen video games have been inducted into MoMA, recommending a trip to Barcade after an afternoon of galleries no longer feels so far afield. Enjoy a sumptuous selection of beers while burning through your laundry quarters playing their awesome, and dare I say, museum-worthy arcade games.