Your Art Weekend: Lower East Side Galleries

Your Art Weekend: Lower East Side Galleries

By Alex Allenchey

On the off chance the snowstorm of the century doesn’t hit New York City this weekend or on the on chance you’re brave enough to stage a gallery crawl regardless, we at Sugarlift have put together a list of some of our favorite exhibitions currently up in the Lower East Side.



Katherine Bradford at CANADA / 333 Broome Street

It’s hard not to get excited when a long-time painterly force like Katherine Bradford gets the chance to show her stuff at a major downtown gallery. Having risen to the occasion, Bradford’s exhibition is easily an early contender for “Show of the Year,” and offers prime examples of the artist’s ability to imbue ambiguously set aquatic scenes with equal measures of humor and unease. Also, be sure to pop through to the side gallery to see Elisabeth Kley’s assortment of calligraphically decorated pots.



Jane Corrigan & Ry Rocklen at Feuer/Mesler / 319 Grand Street, 2nd Floor

These two shows aren’t exhibited together per se, though it is terribly fun to drift back and forth between them because in both things aren’t quite as they seem. On one hand, you’ve got Jane Corrigan’s creepy but somehow also soft vignettes of female characters in what could be fairy tales, and on the other, Ry Rocklen’s double-sided sculptures that face you with a flat, innocent enough image—vase, obelisk, hot dog—only to reflect an alternative, and often wildly differing, sculptural side.



Leah Guadagnoli at 247365 / 57 Stanton Street

In her first solo exhibition to date, Leah Guadagnoli covers the walls of this Stanton Street gallery with wonderfully fantastic fabric sculptures. The wonky-shaped assemblages feel like one part Wyatt Kahn, one part Justin Adian, one part Solo Jazz cup. Zip downstairs for Salon 57, a group show in the basement gallery that features work by Brian Belott, Daniel Heidkamp, and Sadie Laska, among others.



Zach Bruder at La MaMa Galleria / 47 Great Jones Street

A former 247365 exhibiter himself, Bruder has moved north of Houston for his exceptional new show. Though absent some of the artist’s previously more playful imagery, the exhibition is chock full of paintings that riff on the classic American landscape, revealing subtler and richer themes.



Dana Degiulio & Molly Zuckerman-Harting at Lyles & King / 106 Forsyth Street

This relatively new gallery continues its streak of successful shows with a juxtaposition of Degiulio’s somber paintings alongside Zuckerman-Harting’s riotous mixed-media canvases. Full of color and dark whisky, the latter astound, while the former force almost memento mori contemplation.




The Ten Bells is a near-perfect spot to end up after an afternoon of galleries, what with their array of small plates, unusual (but affordable) wines, dollar oyster specials, and cozy corners in which to converse about all the awesome art you’ve seen. Cheers!