Catching Up With:
Jon Legere

Catching Up With:<br>Jon Legere

Today we are catching up with artist Jon Legere, whose solo show "Maelstrom" is opening at Sugarlift this Friday, October 9 from 7-9 pm! Legere is a Bermudian mixed media artist who works with video, paint, collage, photography, performance and sculpture. His work reconstructs the banality of the modern image. With 1.8 billion images uploaded and shared each day, the work is a form of image recycling. A second life for decapitated selfies. The constructs are appropriations of mixed media frenzies. His paper and paint assemblages combine bold fluorescent colors, dissected subjects and spikes of architectural form. By cutting away the distractions of recognizable subjects, the found imagery blends with painterly gestures energizing the entire surface.

Read more about Jon's artwork and favorite things below, and make sure to check out his show at Sugarlift in Bushwick on Friday! Shop the Maelstrom collection here, and get a virtual look at the show on Sugarlift's Artsy page!

LIVES & WORKS IN   Brooklyn, NY
OCCUPATION   Head of Production
ON THE CLOCK   I go to the studio just about every night.
YOUR ART WEEKEND   Weekends are simple. I hang with my wife and son. When I'm not with them I'm in the studio.

ALBUM   This changes daily. Right now it's Roxy Music's first album. The one with Brian Eno.

FILM  I like really shitty action movies.

ARTIST   I saw John Chamberlain's twisted car metal sculptures at Dia Beacon last weekend and those things are beautiful.

BOOK   I haven't been able to read a book since fatherhood.

EATS  Home cooked meals are the best.

LATEST PURCHASE   I'm saving up for a car.

GUILTY PLEASURE   Working in the studio

36 HOURS   Visiting my family in Bermuda. Roughly 1.5 hours to get there from JFK.

instagram: legere
facebook: Jon.Legere
twitter: @jlegere

Check out the links above for more on Jon's work, and we hope to see everyone come out for the opening of "Maelstrom" on Friday night from 7-9!