Catching Up With:
Gentleman's Game

Catching Up With:<br>Gentleman's Game

This week, we caught up with Gentleman's Game, the talented two-man team of Brandon Friend and Jason Douglas Griffin. Working as a duo since 2011, both artists work together to create works by combining mixed media in a process that employs various methodologies rooted in painting, printmaking, collage, drawing and image transfer. Images, textures and handmade marks are often scanned, printed and then transferred to the canvas or paper surface using a fixative. The transfer process is facilitated through the application and removal of numerous layers of paper medium allowing different effects begin to develop and variations are created within the moment. Though technology is integral to their process, it is ultimately the artist’s hand that is responsible for the final creative decisions. (Head to their website to read more about their collaboration). 

Read more about Gentleman's Game below, and check out some photos of the studio space they share in Long Island City! 

LIVES & WORKS IN / Long Island City, NY

OCCUPATION / Artist, Collaborative Duo

ON THE CLOCK / The balance of life and art in both of our homes starts before the sun comes up. Brandon is a father of two boys and Jason is a father of one, and another on the way. The simplified version starts with working out, getting the kids together for school and dropped off, head in to the studio. Sometimes we're on school schedules and other times we're able to be in it to win it for the whole day. Sometimes we both get in in the early evening and work until late hours.

YOUR ART WEEKEND / We both wish that we were able to get out to more shows. There are so many events and great art to see in NYC. We are definitely guilty of choosing to work in any of the time that we have available, so it's a struggle to fit all of our interests into the schedule. MoMA PS 1 has very cool events going on all of the time and is only a few blocks away from the studio. It's been a while...

ALBUM / Bibio - Silver Wilkinson

FILM / Princess Mononoke

ARTIST / Richter, Motherwell, Guston

BOOK / Tao of Jeet Kune Do

EATS / Massaman curry, basil fried rice and thai iced coffee from Gaw Gai or late night breakfast at Court Square Diner on Jackson Ave, LIC

LATEST PURCHASE / Matte Medium, GAC 400 

GUILTY PLEASURE / The Cranberries - Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?


36 HOURS / Winter is coming. It would be nice to teach our 5 year olds how to ski or snowboard.

SUGARLIFT PICK / Nicolas V. Sanchez (seriously, have you seen those Moleskine drawings? Wowzers)

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Check out a time lapse of one of Gentleman's Game's in-progress works in their studio below, and make sure to check out their Sugarlift artist page to shop work from their "Colosseum" series!