Your Art Weekend:
Affordable Art Fair

Your Art Weekend:<br>Affordable Art Fair

It is time once again for the Affordable Art Fair New York, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. As always, we can't wait to show visitors the work we brought to our booth. And the fair is a fantastic opportunity to see what galleries from around the world are offering in their "$10,000 and below" category (just in our line of sight we have dealers from Israel, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom). We've rounded up 5 booths we think you should check out, and there were certainly a lot to choose from. Come to the fair and pick your favorites!


Eyestorm (London)

London-based Eyestorm is a pioneer in the online art world, and always one of our favorites at the Affordable Art Fair. Creative Director Angie Davey told me that though they've "been going for 15 years now, and are starting to work with bigger names, generally the focus is still mid-career and emerging artists." In deciding what to bring to their booth, they said that they wanted to bring all of their brand new work to their audience in New York City. Eyestorm is up on the second floor, so don't forget to make your way up to say hello!

Eyestorm's Nina Luostarinen and Angie Davey



Colab-collective (Toronto)

Colab-collective is a talented trio of photographers, based in Canada, who not only run the collective but produce all of the art as well! Patrick Lajoie, Christine Flynn, and Anna Church describe the collective as "an indie based collaborative of photographic artists who explore, innovate & pioneer new ways to view the photographic image. Colab collective was born out of a mutual admiration for each other's work...our aim is to promote, exhibit and enhance each other's photographic practices." Not only are they talented artists, they are great neighbors at the fair! Check out their work at!

The Colab-collective artists discuss their work.



Manifold Editions

With work from the likes of Damien Hirst and Christopher Le Brun, art publisher Manifold Editions is certainly working with some big names in the art world. Their model is to collaborate with renowned artists on limited edition prints, published to the highest standards; Manifold provides buyers a fantastic opportunity to collect their favorite artists at a lower price point.

Guests fill the Manifold Editions booth.



Affordable Art Fair Artist-in-Residence Shantell Martin

For her residency at the fair, professional artist Shantell Martin has turned the second floor lounge into "The Shantell Martin Experience" by covering the floor, walls, and ceiling with her signature drawings and text. Shantell's work has been featured at the Brooklyn Museum, MoMA, and even on Sugarlift co-founder Bart Piela's backpack! If you haven't seen her work before, it is well worth a look.

A look at The Shantell Martin Experience before the fair opening.




It is always exciting to share our artists with new audiences, and with the Affordable Art Fair's strong international presence, there's something nice about being on our home turf. As founder Wright Harvey says, “There are so many talented, young artists right in our back yard...New York is still far and away the powerhouse when it comes to new talent. Sugarlift has made it its mission to bring the work of these great artists to new collectors.” Don't forget to preview the full Affordable Art Fair collection on our website, and check out some photos of our booth from Day 1 below!


We are excited to share our collaborations with the Affordable Art Fair this year! The fair's exclusive limited-edition print was created by Sugarlift artist Lizzie Gill in an edition of 10, especially for the fair, so make sure to stop by and pick yours up before they're all gone. And photographer Steve Irby (@stevesweatpants) provided the photograph for the backdrop of the Reyka vodka bar on the second floor!

Left: Reyka Vodka's bar; Right: Lizzie's "Beauty Secrets"