Catching Up With:
Lizzie Gill

Catching Up With:<br>Lizzie Gill


Your work has a very vintage feel; what is your inspiration?

I'm inspired by vintage magazines and publications, especially women's magazines from the 1950's. I'm fascinated by the advertising and how it encapsulates a time period and mentality. I also find inspiration in the idle pursuits of romantic digital interactions, such as texting and dating apps, when juxtaposed with these images of marriage and love from 1950’s advertising.


Tell us more about the Brooklyn Collage Collective. What led you to founding the collective and what kinds of projects are in the works?

The Brooklyn Collage Collective is a group of collage based artists who work together to push the broadening definition of collage through collaborative exhibitions, live collaging events, education and dialogues. The collective was established to create a supportive group of artists working in the same medium, in unique ways. I believe one of the most important things to do as an artist is to join a supportive community, or to create one. We have several local shows in the works, a book on the horizon and multiple live collaging events.

What is your favorite medium to work with?

My favorite medium is collage. I believe it's because I enjoy the hunt for new materials and collective vintage memorabilia.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would that be?

I would love to go to Iceland!


What are your favorite museums and galleries to visit?

I love the Invisible Dog gallery in Cobble Hill, they've hosted some great collage-based shows including the Weird Collage Show. It's also a lovely area to explore. If i'm in Chelsea, I always make a point to visit Sikkema Jenkins and Cheim & Reid. The multidisciplinary artists they exhibit always lead to a thought provoking installation.



What direction do you see your art taking next? Anything new you are working on?

I would like to introduce mixed media into my 2D work. I have a background in painting, which I use digital art as an outlet for, and would like to put my knowledge of how different combinations and paints create unique surfaces to build upon. I definitely see some larger mixed media work on panel in the near future. I'm currently partnering on a unique print with Sugarlift and the Affordable Art Fair. Utilizing their signature hot pink in the composition has been an exciting challenge, as I am usually restricted by the more pastel color palette found in vintage magazines. I find it visually places a contemporary spin on the piece.