Catching Up With:
Karan Singh

Catching Up With:<br>Karan Singh


Where is the most interesting location your work has brought you?

For me the experiences in a location are relative to the people you meet there. I'd say the most interesting location was earlier this year when I was in Los Angeles working on visuals with OK Go for their summer tour. It was interesting not only because I had never done anything like this before, especially for a such creative group, but also because I was used to sitting in a room full of designers and illustrators. Here, I was the only illustrator amidst a tight knit sound, lighting and production crew who were incredibly knowledgable. It was fascinating to see all the moving pieces involved and how they came together. It was great to connect with some of the guys over a mutual love of our respective crafts. It was a collaborative experience over a broader range of disciplines and I took a lot away from that.


What has had the greatest influence or impact on your work?

I'd say it's a natural curiosity and exploring this. I love experimenting, even if sometimes the results are hideous, there's still something to take away and store in the bank for future reference.

What has been the most exciting project you've worked on to date?

It's difficult to choose, as I have the fortunate luxury of having more of a choice over the projects I work on. Projects where I'm collaborating with the creative team and not just spitting out images are most appealing. My most recent project was a collaboration with Manual for Speed, where I designed a full cycling kit as part of their summer residency program. The brief was a question: "What does a peloton look like when it whizzes past?". It gave me lots of room to play, and as a result, became more of an artistic response.


Where do you see your art evolving in the future? Are there any exciting projects in the works?

It's been nice to get my work off of a computer screen and into context through apparel, projection and painting. My hope is to explore more of that later this year through the incorporation of more photography. Animation too is something I've been playing with for the last year, I'm looking forward to evolving this further too.


What are your favorite museums and galleries to visit?

It depends where you are! In NY the MoMa and Met are tough to beat. On a recent trip to Mexico City I loved exploring the Museo Tamayo. On this trip to Japan I'm really excited to check out Naoshima.



Do you have any advice for artists who want to learn to create digital artwork or illustrations?

Tools aside, I think it's crucial to experiment with a variety of techniques or mediums until you find something you like doing. It's also important that doing it often to improve shouldn't feel like a chore but come from a natural interest and affinity; this honesty trickles into the work.