Catching Up With:
Ian Buosi

Catching Up With:<br>Ian Buosi

This week we are catching up with Ian Buosi, a young photographer whose work was a part of our "Empire State" exhibition of New York photography back in March. We caught up with Ian about his art-making routines, his favorite music and movies, and trying to balance photography and school.

LIVES IN / Union City, NJ

WORKS IN / New York City

OCCUPATION / Student and Photographer

ON THE CLOCK / Every weekday I wake up at 7 AM and skate to school. After school, if I'm not working as a photographer shooting events or sports in town, I head to the waterfront to shoot and skate around Jersey with friends. 

YOUR ART WEEKEND / Weekends are when I get to explore New York City with friends or alone. I like to visit new neighborhoods every weekend so my work can be more diverse. New York City is a magical city for me because each different borough has a different vibe and it always inspires me to keep up with my photography.

ALBUM / Joy Division -- Unknown Pleasures, or just chill listening to Soul Collection on Soundcloud.

FILM / Reservoir DogsKill BillPulp Fiction, or anything else by Quentin Tarantino.

ARTIST / The photographer Joey L. truly inspires me, and I appreciate Banksy a lot. 

BOOK / Sadly, not much of a reader. I came to the U.S. at the age of 13 so I never adapted to reading American books.

EATS / Sushi any time of the day, any day of the year. Dollar dumplings from Chinatown, and "struggle buns" also known as 50-cent honey buns sold in bodegas.

LATEST PURCHASE / $20 skating shoes, since a new pair rips every week.

GUILTY PLEASURE / Not studying as much as I should because I'm either skating, editing or reading about photography.


36 HOURS / Head to Brazil, only for a weekend to explore nature with my family or friends. 

SUGARLIFT PICK / Daniel Greer's "Horizons" -- I admire the combination of photography and modern photo manipulation. 

FOLLOW /     WEB /     INSTAGRAM / shot_by_ian

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