Catching Up With:
Sean Dougherty

Catching Up With:<br>Sean Dougherty

Today we're catching up with Sean Dougherty -- you might know him in Instagram as @seandshoots -- a New York photographer whose recents work was part of our April 2015 Sugarlift Photo collection. Sean's work for Sugarlift illustrates his focused style and preference for clean, clear shots. To become a collector of Sean's photographs, visit his artist page here.

LIVES & WORKS IN / New York City

OCCUPATION / Photographer

ON THE CLOCK / Every day I wake up and try to do something that will push my career forward. Whatever that may be. The variety of my days keeps me inspired.

YOUR ART WEEKEND / My art weekend consists of all of the things that inspire and make me who I am. Friends, music, a cold beer, and a dollar slice play big roles in this. I like to constantly visit new places and do new things. The biggest part of keeping your work looking fresh is keeping your life fresh.

ALBUM / Logic -- Underpressure. Joey Bada$$ -- B4DA$$. KYLE -- Beautiful Loser. 

FILM / The Departed

ARTIST / Too many to count let alone name. I’m obsessed with so many photographers, cinematographers, musicians, typographers, and painters. Art is such a large spectrum.

BOOK / Trust Me, I’m Lying

EATS / Dollar Pizza, Jai Alai IPA, my mom's stromboli, and my girlfriend's grilled cheeses.

LATEST PURCHASE / Since Dollar pizza has been mentioned two too many times already, I just bought a Fuji X100T as a little pocket camera.

GUILTY PLEASURE / Tropical Starbust and being on my phone too much.


36 HOURS / I’m really fiending to head up to Vermont or Canada for a few nights and see the stars.

SUGARLIFT PICK / Silva's image of Dave sitting in the patch of light has always been a favorite of mine. Guno Park's sketches of people sitting are all also amazing. 

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Huge thanks to Sean for taking the time to answer our questions. To become a collector of his work, visit his artist page here. If you want to stay updated on Sugarlift news and always know what our favorite artists are up to, sign up for our #YourArtWeekend newsletter here!