Catching Up With:
Meryl Cates

Catching Up With:<br>Meryl Cates

This week we are catching up with Meryl Cates, who works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Met Museum Presents, the group responsible for organizing the museum's performances, concerts and lectures. To learn more about Met Museum Presents' most recent exhibition, "La Celestina," read about it on our #YourArtWeekend blog here

LIVES IN / Astoria, NY

WORKS IN / New York, NY

OCCUPATION / Press Officer, Concerts & Lectures at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

ON THE CLOCK / I wake up and check my emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (in that order). Then I stare into my closet for a little, get ready, and head to work at the Met. I’m lucky to work with really creative people. I meet and talk with colleagues throughout the Museum, performance artists, observe rehearsals, write, pitch, it all depends on the day. During our season of Met Museum Presents (the live arts series at the Met), we often have performances and talks in the evening. So I’m here until the end of the event or until duty no longer calls.

YOUR ART WEEKEND / The Met, obviously, is always a fun place to visit. But I also like to frequent the Museum of the Moving Image. They have a fantastic permanent exhibition where you get to explore different facets of movie-making. A personal favorite is the voice-over booth. I recently recorded a pretty spot on clip from The Wizard of Oz.

ALBUM / Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

FILM / The Birds

ARTIST / Marc Chagall. I am also intrigued by the work of Wendy Red Star right now. Since seeing one of her works in The Plains Indians: Artists Earth and Sky exhibition at the Met, her creativity has really stuck with me.

BOOK / Whatever I’m reading right now, quite literally. Unless I find a book really unenjoyable, I get wrapped up in what I’m reading. But more generally, some favorites are The Catcher in the Rye, This Side of Paradise, and The Grapes of Wrath.

EATS / Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

LATEST PURCHASE / My cup of coffee.

GUILTY PLEASURE / The Pioneer Woman on Food Network

GRADE IN ART CLASS / A. Although this is really digging into the archives. It’s been a while since I’ve taken an art class. 

36 HOURS / Anywhere by a winter ocean. 

SUGARLIFT PICKS / Brooklyn Summer by Sam Morrison and The Sound of Summer Running by Lizzie Gill. 

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