Artist Spotlight:
Dave Krugman

Artist Spotlight:<br>Dave Krugman

As we get ready for our upcoming exhibition of Volume 003 (Empire State), a new collection of New York City street photography, we are shining the spotlight on some of the artists behind the collection. Today, we're excited to introduce Dave Krugman, a photographer whose work building communities has allowed him to lead and document his generation of street photographers at the same time. 

Krugman first came to our attention last summer, when he spearheaded the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Empty Met" photography series, bringing his camera into the museum after hours to capture the famous galleries when they were empty of visitors. Krugman and his cohorts not only played a role in the blossoming of the museum's wonderful Instagram network, they also worked to build a community by leading #emptymet tours after regular hours and reaching out to thousands of amateur photographers via Instagram. He has since worked with other museums on similar projects, including the MFA in Boston and the Museum of Natural History here in New York. (Check out this New York Times story on the project.) 

With Sugarlift, Krugman is one of twelve photographers who contributed work to our upcoming "Empire State" collection. In his mid-twenties, Krugman is an elder statesman of the group, and he is known for bringing together artists -- from amateur iPhone-tappers to the full-time street photographers -- who want to share their photographs with each other and with the world. 

Krugman's style as a photographer reflects his role as a core member of these communities. He has mastered many of the techniques of his generation's urban photographers, and at the same time built spectacular pieces with more traditional forms, like portraits and architectural compositions. (He's also always willing to try out new ideas.) In an era when everyone with a smartphone has become a photographer, Krugman welcomes the democratization of the medium while always pushing himself and his peers to create the best possible art. Krugman's eye for finding beauty in the people and places of contemporary New York is uncanny, and his photographs inspire us find that beauty in our own lives. 

"Instagram is about the people," Krugman has said, and his tireless effort to build real-world communities out of Internet connections is a huge inspiration for the movement -- and to us here at Sugarlift as well. We are excited to present his photographs as part of our collection, and can't wait for the opening on March 6th

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The header photo is a portrait of the artist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, taken by Jose Silva, another photographer featured in our collection. The two below are details of recent photographs by Krugman that will be featured in "Empire State," which launches on Friday, March 6th. To buy a ticket for our launch party on the 6th, visit our Eventbrite page here.