Catching Up With:
Daniel Greer

Catching Up With:<br>Daniel Greer

This week we're catching up with Daniel Greer, an artist whose newest collages are featured in Sugarlift's "Cut & Paste" collection.

LIVES IN / Brooklyn

WORKS IN / Brooklyn

OCCUPATION / Visual Artist

ON THE CLOCK / Wake up around 8, make art until I can’t anymore, eat, go for a run, try to make more art, meet up with friends, conceptualize new works, sleep.

YOUR ART WEEKEND / Make art until my head hurts and catch up with friends when the cabin fever starts set in.

ALBUM / A friend of mine recently compiled 160 short piano compositions based on his friends. They feel like these beautiful little memories you can return to again and again and the key work is super impressive. Check it out here.

FILM / Most recently It’s Such a Beautiful Day blew me away, but 2001 and basically anything Stanley Kubrick made is my zeitgeist.

ARTIST / Picasso, Ezra Stoller, Andreas Gursky, Ai Wei Wei, Os Gemeos.

BOOK / The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda

EATS / The chorizo breakfast quesadilla from Rosie’s Food Truck in Bushwick is one of the tastiest things I’ve eaten.

LATEST PURCHASE / Brazillian tourist visa.

GUILTY PLEASURE / Smelling all the perfume samples in fashion magazines.

GRADE IN ART CLASS / I did fine in art class but wish I applied myself more. It wasn't until film school that I made a conscious effort to see the world through an artistic lens. 

36 HOURS / Harriman State Park is the largest nature preserve in a 50 mile radius of NYC. It has hundreds of miles of trails, dozens of lakes, and a handful of shelters scattered around.

SUGARLIFT PICK / I admire aspects of all the Brooklyn Collage Collective members' work. I like the mythologized dream like world Jay creates. I like the juxtapositions and impact of Kieran’s work. I like the use of negative space in Linzi’s work. I like Mike’s compositional skills and use of color. I like Elise’s commitment to the roots of collage as an art form. I like the layering in Morgan’s work and his ability to work with large quantities of clips. I like the scale changes, people, and nature in Lizzie’s work. I like how personal and textural Allie’s work feels. I like the simplicity and graphic nature of Richard’s work. I like Joey’s layering and multiple processes. I like the rawness of Katie’s work. And I like Jon’s color palate and multimedia practices.

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To learn more about Daniel's work for our "Cut & Paste" collection, visit his Sugarlift artist page here.