Catching Up With:
Jay Riggio

Catching Up With:<br>Jay Riggio

This week we're catching up with Jay Riggio, an artist whose newest collages are featured in Sugarlift's "Cut & Paste" collection.

LIVES IN / Ridgewood, Queens

WORKS IN / Ridgewood, Queens

OCCUPATION / Fine Artist 

ON THE CLOCK / Wake up, put some coffee on the stove. Take Rosie (my dog) for a walk and try to time our walk right so we’re back in time for the coffee’s finish. Feed Rosie. Put on some music or a podcast and sit down to start cutting with my coffee. I like to leave something for myself to work on that I’ve already started the night before. This usually gets me excited to get to work right away.

I work until around 2pm. Make something to eat. While I eat I’ll answer and send emails. Most days I’m mailing stuff off at the post office, so I have to step out for those trips, which can take some time. Walk Rosie again. Make another cup of coffee. Work some more. Break for dinner. Feed Rosie. Skype or talk with my lady, and then work again until I get tired. Then I either watch a movie or battle insomnia until I fall asleep. Some nights I meet friends for dinner and/or drinks.

YOUR ART WEEKEND / I’m usually working on the weekends. I need to get out and see more shows.

ALBUM / At the moment it’s Jay Reatard’s Blood Visions. But if we’re talking favorite record of all time, it might be Magnolia Electric Co.’s Josephine.

FILM / The Seventh Continent. Directed by Michael Haneke. It’s disturbing and bleak and absolutely beautiful.

ARTIST / Ray Johnson and Raymond Pettibon.

BOOK / Ask The Dust by John Fante

EATS / Pasta with my Mom’s homemade tomato sauce. If I eat out, I’d say the Tofu Benedict at Champs Diner. That thing delicious as hell.

LATEST PURCHASE / A ticket to see Matisse’s “The Cut-Outs” Show at the MoMa. Technically it might not be a purchase because I still owe my buddy money for the ticket. I guess the last actual purchase I made was cotton balls. I use them to clean Rosie’s ears.

GUILTY PLEASURE / Sour Patch Watermelons

GRADE IN ART CLASS / I’ve only taken a couple art classes in my life. I don’t remember my grades but they probably weren’t very good.

36 HOURS / I don’t really have any local getaways. My main getaways are flying to Seattle to see my girlfriend. She has an Airstream trailer that we’ll take weekend trips in. It’s like taking your apartment with you everywhere you go. Traveling in it is the best.

SUGARLIFT PICK / I'd say Daniel Greer. He’s constantly surprising me with a fresh approach to anything he does.

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To learn more about Jay's work for our "Cut & Paste" collection, visit his Sugarlift artist page here