Catching Up With:
David Pollack

Catching Up With:<br>David Pollack

While we were visiting Sotheby's for Old Masters Week, we caught up with David Pollack, a specialist in Old Master Paintings at the auction house. Check out our interview to read about his favorite artist, the best museum in the world, and why he loves his overpriced headphones. 

LIVES IN / Manhattan

WORKS IN / Auctions

OCCUPATION / Specialist in Old Master Paintings at Sotheby's 

ON THE CLOCK / Wake up around 7, shave (if I must), put on a suit and tie and scarf honey nut cheerios. Standard 9-6. Mexican Food. PTI. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

YOUR ART WEEKEND / I try not to go a few weekends without visiting the Frick. It’s my favorite museum in the world and even stopping in for 30 minutes makes my day an enjoyable one.

ALBUM / Graham Nash, Songs for Beginners. Literally every song is genius.

FILM / A Clockwork Orange

ARTIST / Hans Holbein the Younger

BOOK / A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich

EATS / Anything from Parm

LATEST PURCHASE / A ridiculously high performing and overpriced pair of Bose headphones. Life changing.

GUILTY PLEASURE / Not getting dressed for 24 hours, ordering Seamless for every meal, and re-watching The Wire.

GRADE IN ART CLASS / A (though I likely would have said that even if it wasn’t the case)

36 HOURS / Anywhere that has a lake and semi-clean air. A great friend has a house on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire and it’s about the most enjoyable, quiet, and serene place I could choose to escape to. A stop at Storm King on the way would just about cap it off.

SUGARLIFT PICK / I really enjoy Michael DeSutter’s piece "Optimistic About Impact". There is something very Americana gone wrong about it. I can’t decide if Norman Rockwell would be alarmed or love it.

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