Catching Up With:
Morgan Lappin

Catching Up With:<br>Morgan Lappin

LIVES IN / Brooklyn, NY

WORKS IN / Brooklyn, NY

OCCUPATION / Storage Manager/Client Manager at Hedley's Inc./Founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective

ON THE CLOCK / Ugh, ok, i don't even want to get into my every day routine during the week. Either way, i'm all over the place. I have ADHD and OCD and BES (Beautiful Elbow Syndrome)... so on the weekend, when I wake up.. i get my egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich. Then I smoke a joint, slam some coffee, slap my face as I watch in the mirror (in my amazingly clean bathroom), and THEN I start "doing". Doing? Ok, well I get my music going, and I... start to freak out. Freak out? Yes.. I freak out.. panic attacks, looking for lost collage clips, thinking about if I forgot to do something the day before, then I go back into the bathroom, slap myself around for another 10 minutes, and then crack a beer and drink some coffee. Then I start "getting shit done". That includes, more cleaning, more organizing, more freaking out, more coffee, more smoke, and in-between i get "some shit" done. I spend a lot of time writing and recording music, its my real passion in life. Music keeps me going through life.. without it i'd be completely lost. Other than that I work on my art, spend time working on the BCC. I basically create until I crash. I love inspiration... it's a natural high that can't be compared. Oh yeah, i'm on the clock when I'm sitting on it. Badabooooom! (I'm also a comedian but only perform at Batmitzvah's, funerals, and High School Dances.)  

YOUR ART WEEKEND / I spend a lot of my weekends cleaning, organizing, and panicking. I spend a lot of time in my room, and I usually make plans on the fly. Seems sort of boring to someone outside looking in, but I have quite a lot of stuff happening in my noggin at all times. Therefore i'm never bored. I can create full albums or a movie within my mind so i'm really good at entertaining myself.

ALBUM / Impossible to answer this question. I'm a music freak and this can change with my mood. The album I fell in love with though in 2014 would have to be Wild Nothing's Nocturne which is really uncharacteristic of me. But i'd have to say some of my biggest influences are: Zappa, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, James Brown, Dream Theater, Fugazi, Sade, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, R. Stevie Moore, Todd Rundgren, Field Music, Super Furry Animals, Supergrass... and the list goes on...

FILM / Hmmm.. fav movie is Jacob's Ladder. Long, slow, and depressing.

ARTIST / I don't have a favorite, I love all artists, and every artist I come across is just another inspiration. I didn't take too many art classes throughout my schooling career. I've never latched on to just one -- to me they are all equal, for the most part that is.

BOOK /  There's this wild book called Electro Boy by Andy Behrman. It's a quick read and reading it is like riding on an out of control roller coaster that makes you wanna jump back on ten more times...

EATS / Well, without having to think to hard i'd have to say I eat more pizza than anything else. THANK YOU DANNY'S PIZZA! Good for me I can't gain weight no matter how hard I try -- please don't hold that against me. 

LATEST PURCHASE / My new Mac. Oooooooooohhhh the screen is so much bigger now! Whoooohooo!!!

GUILTY PLEASURE / Hahahahah, depends on when you ask me this question. Right now it's listening to Michael Franks. He's a Jazzy mofo with the voice of a pillow slap. If you listen to him, please start with the song "Eggplant"! Tomorrow my guilty pleasure could be something I wouldn't even share with my Mama...

GRADE IN ART CLASS / What art class?

36 HOURS / I have no get away, my get away is hiding under my bed.

SUGARLIFT PICK / I have to go with Lizzie Gill... she was the first artist I tracked down when I started the BCC. She has been my equal since then, and have always admired her as a wild lady and an artist. 

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Morgan's newest work is featured alongside 12 other members of the BCC as part of Sugarlift's second collection, Volume 002 (Cut & Paste). Click here to browse Morgan's work in the collection!  



Header photo credit: Hannah Bryan