Museum Store Holiday Gift Guide

Museum Store Holiday Gift Guide


Looking for great gift ideas? We spent a few days exploring the city’s museum shops looking for the best holiday gift ideas for your art-loving friends and family. Here is a list of our favorites.


The Museum of Modern Art /

MoMA’s shop probably has the best collection of art books of any of the city’s museums. Some are huge, image-heavy ones that would go perfectly on an art-lover’s coffee table, like their newly redesigned MoMA Highlights catalogue or their book of photographs from the years of filming for Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which debuted at MoMA last summer. They also have an unparalleled selection of more academic titles, for the art-loving friend of yours who loves speaking in -isms and using words like “solipsistic.” For an intro-level look at some of the world’s best contemporary artists, buy a season of PBS’ Art 21 series, which has been a Sugarlift favorite since before Sugarlift even existed. For your more active friends (or their architecturally precocious children), you can buy a LEGO model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconinc Fallingwater house. And for the friend of yours who still won’t shut up about the Henri Matisse cut-outs show (we have one in our office), you can buy an edition of Jazz, the gorgeous book Matisse designed using the paper-cutout technique. 


The Brooklyn Museum /

One of our favorite shows of the fall was "Crossing Brooklyn," which celebrated the local scene with art from Brooklyn's best and brightest. To commemorate (and monetize) the show, the museum is selling some great gifts related to the exhibition, including a tee-shirt and tote bag featuring a map of our favorite borough designed with the names of all 35 artists whose work was featured in the show. They're also selling this sleek wooden skate-deck designed by Neighborwoods, for your skater-artist friends. They've also got a great section devoted to things designed and produced right here in Brooklyn.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art /

As you might expect, the Met's gift shops (yes, plural) contain a massive and diverse collection of products in just about every category you can imagine. Many, like these Assyrian Palace Guard bookends and this Klimt-inspired top, are inspired by the most popular art in the museum's collection. They've also got an extensive section devoted to jewelry and watches, a selection of Christmas ornaments, and, perhaps topping it all, these paint-your-own rain boots. (No, they don't come in adult sizes.)

Selections from the rest of the city /

These playing cards with images from the Frick Collection's paintings are the perfect way to class up a poker game. The Neue Galerie has an awesome selection of books from writers including Franz Kafka, Herman Hesse and Bertold Brecht, who lived in Germany and Austria in the same cultural climate as its star artists like Klimt and Schiele. The New Museum is selling a dress designed by Chris Ofili


Sugarlift /

For a truly enthusiastic art lover, of course, nothing will ever beat original art. Browse the work from our inaugural collection and pick out something perfect for a friend or family member, and we'll include a holiday card with the piece! If you're not sure which of our pieces would go best of someone else's wall, a Sugarlift Gift Card might be the perfect present!