Catching Up With:
Chris Willcox

Catching Up With:<br>Chris Willcox

LIVES IN  Bushwick, Brooklyn

WORKS IN  Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn


I’ve been trying to stick to a more regular schedule recently, but as everyone knows a major perk of self-employment is the flexible hours. On a typical day I wake up early, do a little yoga, meditate, eat breakfast, and get into the studio around 10. If I’m lucky and don’t have too much on my calendar, I’ll stay there painting till around 11 at night.

The past weekend I was in New Jersey installing a “In Love With an Apparition,” a large painting on four canvases (pictured below). Not exactly a leisurely stroll around the Met, but it’s nice to have such a large piece permanently installed. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Alarm Will Sound’s new recording of Steve Reich’s Radio Rewrite.

I run an aesthetics discussion group out of an art gallery in Williamsburg and we recently watched David Lynch’s Lost Highway. It’s not nearly as entertaining as Blue Velvet or some of his other, better-known films, but it’s pit-of-your-soul scary in a deeper and more disarming way than anything else I’ve ever encountered.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been hypnotized by Rembrandt’s late self-portraits. Caravaggio is the better painter overall, but there’s such ferocious seriousness to the late self-portraits.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

I’m a real adherent to the church of avocado toast. I’ll eat up to five in a day.

The bodega by my studio sells coffee for fifty cents (small; large is a dollar). I use coffee trips to punctuate and structure the long blocks of otherwise isolated studio time. Creative work can take you to very deep, sometimes very dark places. The bodega, with its fabulous and affordable coffee, is a safe space you can return to when you need to resurface.

While cheap, black, bodega coffee makes up most of my caffeine intake, I can never turn down the gentrifier’s five-dollar iced coffee from Blue Bottle. It’s cold-brewed with roast chicory and served with generous amounts of milk and is nothing short of out-of-body transcendent.

The most recent art class I took was at Bruce High Quality Free University. There weren’t any grades, but Alex Katz came in and told me I could “really paint.”

36 HOURS / Yesterday I went upstate with three friends to hike Breakneck Ridge, which is especially beautiful this time of year. Today was spent building a new spray booth in the studio, which involves wrangling 140 feet of PVC pipe and an enormous plastic sheet into a sort of cuboid tent.

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