In the Printshop:
Axelle Editions

In the Printshop:<br>Axelle Editions

Joe Hollier is a talented filmmaker, designer and artist. He is known for his stop animations, collages, music videos and for running Five on That. He recently teamed up with Luther Davis and the master printers at Axelle Editions to create a new CMYK+ silkscreen edition. This and other new work from Joe will be available at the Sugarlift gallery and on our website on November 5th.

Axelle Editions is af powerhouse in the screen printing world, working with over 100 artists a year, including familiar artists such as Chuck Close, Richard Prince and Kara Walker. Axelle has built a reputation for efficiency and precision. With Luther Davis at the helm, they have continued to push the limit on what's possible with screen printing as a fine art medium. Luther boasted about a recent collaboration with Mel Bochner that eclipsed 220 individually printed colors.

What is a screen print? It is a commercial process adapted by artists beginning in the 1930's and later popularized by Andy Warhol and other Pop artists in the 1960's. That Marilyn Monroe painting at MoMA you love -- it's a screen print on canvas. For a step-by-step tutorial of how screen printing works, check out this brief primer by Erik Hougen of the Lower East Side Printshop.

Take a look behind the scenes at Axelle Editions. Thanks to Luther, Dennis and Alex for a great day of printing!  

Axelle Editions has occupied the old National Cash Register's building on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill since 1999.


Joe's edition is based on five screens, including a meticulously designed white undercoat, to "make it pop!"


Need to perfectly match that Pantone color? No problem.


Dennis, who has printed at Axelle for over 13 years, says he's taken apart and rebuilt this M&R Saturn many times -- by now it's one half Dodge pick-up. 


Final state out of five (left) and a rare variation print (right).


Luther and Joe discuss Derek Jeter's career-ending walk-off single to right field. 


Luther and Joe inspect a printer's proof. Come in and see the final prints in our gallery or online November 5th!