Sugarlift News: Moving to Bushwick

Sugarlift News: Moving to Bushwick

Sugarlift is moving to Bushwick!

We’re excited to announce our move to Morgan Avenue in Bushwick. The new Sugarlift headquarters is designed to be a space for artists and collectors to stop by and talk art, share one of Brooklyn’s finest local beers, and see how we’re working to streamline logistics to make your art collecting experience as easy as possible.

At 200 Morgan, we’ll be right in the eye of the culture storm that is Bushwick in 2014 -- just down the block from Arrogant Swine and right across the street from the incredible Livestream Public building. We intend for our new gallery to be a meeting spot for our favorite Brooklyn artists, help us reach a new generation of art collectors and provide the best possible art purchasing experience -- online or off.

Thanks to Bedford + Bowery for spreading the word!

And stay tuned for updates about our launch party on November 5th.