Catching Up With:
Denise "D" Armstrong

Catching Up With:<br>Denise "D" Armstrong

LIVES IN / Astoria, New York

OCCUPATION / Assistant to the Dean & Accreditation Liaison Officer @ New York Academy of Art.

ON THE CLOCK / Up at 7:10, wardrobe malfunctions for 40 minutes, listen to music on the train until Canal Street. I spend my days surrounded by the next generation of creative genii, plotting with an extraordinary academic administrative team as to how to provide them the best platform upon which to evolve and grow. After work I listen to music, tend to my own creative pursuits (dance, music, visual art), hang with my dog if my parents haven't kidnapped her, and hang out on my stoop or in my front garden with some tea and music and my journal.

YOUR ART WEEKEND / Either seeing what my art friends (NYAA community or otherwise) are up to, or creating some sort of grand/disastrous masterpiece of my own.

ALBUM / Of all time? I have four (4): Zoso: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience, Zeppelin; Siamese Dream, Smashing Pumpkins; Legend, Bob Marley; Motorhead, Motorhead.

FILM / I have three (3): True Romance, The Fifth Element, Terminator 2

­ARTIST / Javier Pinon...he's a brilliant artist and husband of Mara Hoffman, the designer and beautiful soul I used to work for when I was in fashion. His collages take me to other universes I never dreamed could exist. 

BOOK / Swan Song by Robert McCammon...I re-read it every year.

EATS / Any banh mi and a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Year round. Any time of day or night.

LATEST PURCHASE / Brand new tubes of acrylics...the creative juices are flowing and it feels so good.

GUILTY PLEASURE / Eating extremely epic ice cream cones in bed...and passing out whilst doing so. My laundry lady hates me.

GRADE IN ART CLASS / Through grade school I was one of those straight-A kids. Through college, I once had an assignment to do a painting and instead made it out of plants so...

36 HOURS / Drive down to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, where my family has farm property. Spend the days hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, wandering around the property, and hanging out in the beautiful little towns in the area. Take the car and drive it down the country roads, totally oblivious to any speed limits, windows down and music blaring. Grab some BBQ that's been smoking next to the country store since yesterday and a case of all costs $7. Tie our tubin' tubes to some trees and lay out in the river all day, throwing cans of Coors back and forth to the people who live in the RV across the river (they only have some of their teeth but they're super awesome). It's like our own real-life Squidbillies and it's my favorite.

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