How to hang art above your sofa

How to hang art above your sofa


Is the wall above your couch looking naked? If so, you can try anything from a statement piece to a grouping of sketches to complete your space. The possibilities are endless - but they don’t have to be overwhelming! Use these tasteful styles and hanging options as inspiration to transform your living room.


1. Bold Black and White


bold black and white, art above the couch, sugarlift art consultants
Courtesy of Sugarlift


Complement your sleek modern grey scale with a bold black and white instead of a textured neutral. This sophisticated contrast never gets old. Placing the piece across from a window (like the piece above by Thomas Hammer) lets the vibrant city bring in light and color while the room stays crisp and clean.


2. Light, Airy Nature Scene


Sugarlift NYC Art Consultants art above the sofa
Courtesy of Sugarlift


Need a break from the concrete jungle outside? Bring some fresh air into your living room with a nature scene. The best part: you can have lush forests with no mosquitos and sandy beaches without the humidity. Need inspiration? Oregon-based Sugarlift artist Kati Dimoff (whose work is pictured above) can help you bring that chill west coast vibe into your home.


3. Color Conscious Pairing


sugarlift nyc art consultants abstract art above the couch
Courtesy of Decor Pad 


When adding artwork to your space, playing around with colors is always encouraged—just make sure to avoid channeling your inner matchy-matchy Stepford wife. Instead, use art to emphasize shades and textures that highlight deeper tones in your room. Here, the blue side tables, pillow, and book match the painting’s color pallet, but introduce new shades, shapes, and complimentary colors.


4. Diptych


lizzie gill sugarlift art consultants art above the couchCourtesy of Sugarlift


Don’t let the bougie art lingo scare you away - a diptych is just a piece of art with two panels. Here, Brooklynite Lizzie Gill's modern digital collage artworks are perfect for a room with mixed colors and patterns. The two pieces start a conversation with each other. Get ready for when you take them home and the rest of the room joins in!


5. Subtle, Textured Neutral


art for you home above the couch sugarlift art consultants

Courtesy of Tharon Anderson Design 


What if your wall is naked but your furniture is amazing? Don’t think your sofa and your painting need to fight it out for attention. A textured neutral will draw your attention, soften your space, and bring in a nice glow that will compliment your interior decor - not offend it!


6. Bold, Abstract Statement Piece 


mitchell sugarlift art consultants nyc

Courtesy of Design Chic  


Something bold and painterly above the sofa adds energy to a room. In this piece, the colorful and unpredictable lines radiate throughout the room. Pro tip: too big is always better than too small. Because this piece is wider than the couch, the bold design and large frame really demonstrate how a statement piece can elevate your living room to a new level.


7. Eye Catcher


sugarlfit art consultants art above your sofaCourtesy of Emily Henderson


A stimulating layered piece will have you completely absorbed. You won’t just be trying to unravel the artist’s process, you’ll be following the washes of color in the piece and noticing how the green background really brings out your hubby’s eyes while he complains about the office.


8. Gallery Wall


art consultants NYC Sugarlift art above your sofa
Courtesy of Decoist


If a single large piece feels too serious, a gallery wall is the perfect, playful alternative. Because gallery walls feature multiple artworks hung together, they can be fun, creative, and great for those of us with commitment issues. Show off your love for the phases of the moon next to a small work by both your favorite fine artists and the best painters in the world - your kids! If you’re interested in keeping it cohesive, try matching frames (like above) or use similar colors and forms in the pieces themselves. The similarities will draw your eye throughout the collection.


9. Optical Illusion


Karan Singh sugarlift art consultants NYCCourtesy of Sugarlift


An optical illusion piece not only catches your attention, but keeps your eye as the piece seems to undulate and evolve in front of you! Artists like Bridget Riley, M. C. Escher, and Karan Singh (whose work is pictured above) keep your clean, bright, sophisticate style intact and your mind engaged.


10. Vertical Piece


art over the couch sugarlift art consultants
Courtesy of Lindsey Doramus Design


This vertical piece brings character to your room. Here, the figure catches your eye in the center of the piece and the verticality directs your gaze down to the couch. This not only intensifies the relationship between your art and furniture, but also makes your space feel larger. Center a vertical piece above a love seat or L-shaped couch to give the illusion that the only thing that fits up the stairs of your charming walk-up is at least three inches longer than it measures. Capitalize on tall ceilings, embrace those perpendicular lines, and go for it.