How to hang art

How to hang art

Hanging your own art is a rite of passage to enter true adulthood. While it is oddly satisfying and simultaneously empowering, it is also not that difficult. Follow our hanging guide to spice up your walls and for some bragging rights of how savvy you are with a hammer. 


how to hang art


1) You'll first need to measure your wall across and divide it in half to find the midpoint. The center of the piece should be around 60" from the ground--it should be at an average human's eye level, so those with Napoleon complexes and the Lebron James' among us can all enjoy. Pencil in this midpoint at the 60" from the floor.

2) Measure your frame's height, as well as the distance from the top of the frame to the wire or nail slot. Now let's use some basic 3rd grade arithmetic. Add half of the frame's height to your pencil mark, then subtract the distance to the wire from that, and pencil it in. 


how to hang


3) It's hammer time. Position your nail at your pencil mark and hammer it in at a slight downward angle. No need to get too excited and blow through your wall. 

4) Since most of us are not in need of a level basically ever, it's pretty unlikely that you have one just laying around. Luckily, there's an app hiding in your iPhone begging to be used. If you click on the Compass app that you never noticed was taking up space on your phone, you will also find a level. Shockingly convenient. Level your frame and you are good to go!


how to level a picture

Extra Tips and Tricks

1) If you've somehow managed to make it through life without a hammer, kudos to you. Your piece may be able to get away with using command strips if it's not too heavy. The velcro kind are the strongest, and even MC Hammer swears by them (which seems mildly paradoxical). 

2) Let's say that you have a fear of smashing your fingers as you hold the nail you're hammering. DIY hanging aficionados have taken to using a clothespin to clip onto the nail so that you're fingers have something a little less vulnerable to hold on to. 

3) If you're worried about destroying some plaster and the wrath of your landlord, sticking a piece of Scotch tape to the area you'll nail into will do the trick. 

4) This process may be easier and more fun if you recruit a buddy to help you. An extra hand, and brain, can help with all things measurement related and with holding up the piece to visualize its placement. And then you can revel in some good old camaraderie together. 


how to hang a picture