How to commission a painting

How to commission a painting

When was the last time you created a work of art? Maybe it's been years since you picked up a paintbrush. Well, now it's easier than ever to collaborate with an artist to commission a custom work of art. 

In this blog post, we walk through one recent example, from concept to wall.

With Sugarlift's full service art advisory, we can guide you through the entire process to commission a masterpiece of your own.


Step 1. Vision and Artist Match

Okay, so you have this favorite place in mind. What do you think is the best way to capture it? Well, choosing the right artist to partner with is essential. You want to ensure that the subject matter and medium are consistent with their skill set and interest.

In this case, the client wanted to commission a landscape that would be beautifully captured by Marcelo Daldoce, one of the most talented watercolor artists around.

Step 2. Initial conversation and Sketches 

Commissioning artwork is a dance between you and the artist. You can create something beautiful together, but must watch out for stepping on each other’s toes.

For this commission we brought the collector and artist together on the phone for an initial conversation to discuss objectives. The collector talked about the meaning of this landscape and the important characteristics to preserve or highlight. The artist asked questions and reviewed numerous reference photos of the landscape to better understand the subject.

From here, the artist creates a few sketches based on our initial conversation.

Watercolor studies by Marcelo Daldoce

Step 3. The final piece 

In our opinion the best commissions are like the best wines. Once the grapes are picked and pressed, get out of the way and let nature run its course! That is, once you and the artist have determined the direction of your piece and approved a smaller study, the less you interfere with the artist’s creative process the better.

Having seen the sketches, the collector made some final comments on direction and Marcelo began to work on the final piece. A week later, Marcelo had finished this gorgeous 15"x40" watercolor.

Our client was thrilled!

how to commission art

"Untitled" by Marcelo Daldoce, charcoal on paper, 2016, 15" x 40"


Step 4. Finishing and installation

When the artist is done with the final work, the project still has a little ways to go. It's time to think about how you'd like the piece to be displayed in your home so it can be appreciated for years to come.

We helped the client select the best framing option based on the work of art and the decor of the interior where it would hang. Then arranged for framing, delivery and installation.

Get started on your own commissioned piece today!

Installed in the client's home: "Untitled" by Marcelo Daldoce, charcoal on paper, 2016, 15" x 40"